Starr County Historical Documents & Letters

To his Excellency, P. Hansborough Bell

Governor of the State of Texas,

We the undersigned citizens of Starr County add our testimony to the representations made to your Excellency by the citizens of Cameron County in relation to the defenseless state of the frontier.  It is difficult to say too much on the subject.  Our lives and property are, to a great degree, at the mercy of murderous wretches, who commit their atrocities with little check or hindrance.  We also ask, Your Excellency, to provide for the raising and equipping of Rangers for our protection.  We think there should be at least two companies: the one to be stationed between this place and Laredo, and the other to be stationed below. 

            We would recommend our fellow citizen, Henry Clay Davis, as a suitable person at this place for recruiting and commanding one of said companies. 

Rio Grande City                                              Very respectfully, your fellow citizens:

June 22nd 1852                                                                                                              . 

Peter Dowd, C. J. S. C. (Chief Justice)            John B. Caroltd?

L. W. Jamison, Jr.                                            A. H. Norton

Davis Durst                                                      George Spencer

W. H. Houston                                                M. J. Alexander

John F. Lund                                                    John J. Hedrick

Matias Yzaguirre                                              Peter Ninziuza?

E. L Wilson                                                      Joseph Ferguson

Geo. Osb. Wilkinson                                             A. S. Sharp

F. M. Bibb?                                                     ? M. Robertson

Juan Decker                                                     R. (Royal) F. Merriwerther

Juan Bismando                                                 David H. Stots

John P. Kelsey                                                 ?

William Martin                                                 J. Dye

L. Brandan                                                      G. T. Roberson

? (Theodore) Reeves                                       Wm. J. Graham

James McIntyre                                               John Wells?

James Munroe                                                  Louis Mallett

F. Faunt LeRoy                                                Wm. Kinney

William Coleman                                               Thom? Leret?

J. Dunlere?                                                       A. Laffarowet?

William Johnson

A. Thompson


Bruno Lorano                                                   Jack R. Everett

J. (Jacob) F. Welsh                                       M. Seiligson, Jr.

Silas Campbell                                              C. L. Corrcaff

A. A. Ramsey                                                Benjn. DeSola

Chas. Graham                                                F? M? Nelson

Greg? Saens?                                                Vicente Doral

Francisco Ramires                                          H. (Henry) M.? Hollister

? Chartier                                                        F.? Cardenas

C. (Crawford) Nimmon


Texas State Archives: Records of Governor Peter Hansbrough Bell 

transcribed by Scott Grayson 2008

Box 301-21 folder 34.     Citizens of Starr County to Governor PHB, June 22, 1852

This great resource was provided for your use by Scott Grayson - Thank you Scott!

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