Manuel Guerra Gonzalez and Dolores Molina
Submitted by Manuel S. Guerra

My parents were Joel A. Guerra and Ana Reilly. My paternal grandparents were Manuel Guerra Gonzalez and Dolores Molina..

Manuel Guerra Gonzalez

Manuel Guerra Gonzalez
Lola Molina DeGuerra
Lola Molina DeGuerra
Epifanio Guerra Guerra
photo house photo
701 Estrella Street, Roma, TX
If one looks at the inner corner of the house (photo on right), you will see pipes running left and right. There was a gutter system that collected all the rain water and directed it to the cistern seen in the courtyard. I remember seeing my grandmother Dolores Molina de Guerra using rainwater to rinse/wash her hair. I imagine the cistern was originally built to use cistern water for household neccessities.
This house served as a Mexican Consulate during the Mexican Revolution around 1913. Also, Manuel Guerra Garcia (Starr Co. Political Boss) and wife, Virginia Cox resided there while their own house was being built. That would be in the same block but on the corner closer to the Rio Bravo.
My great-grandfather, Epifanio Guerra Guerra, bought the house from the Catholic Diocese in 1914. My father (Joel A. Guerra-1914-2010) and Tia Julianita 1916-2010) were born there.  That same house was donated back to the Diocese by my aunt, Juliana Guerra de Moreno, for CCD and other church related activities. There is a plaque where the house is donated in memory of Manuel Guerra Gonzalez and wife, and also for two of my siblings who died at an early age. My grandparents were the last inhabitants of that house.
This house ownership history was started by Tia Juliana Guerra de Moreno until her husband got ill and she gave up the search to take care of him. She had tracked owners back to 1862.

701 Estrella Street

Roma, Texas 78584

Ownership History

Vendor Vendee Kind of Instrument Date of Instrument Date of File Book & Page Compensation
Jose Ma. Garcia & Others E. R. Hord District Court Judgement 06 Jan 1862   C720 Cause #128
Ann S. Hord Camilo Saenz Deed 03 Sept 1870 09 Sept 1870 D308 $50.00
Camilo Saenz Ignacio Trevino Spanish Deed 13 Jun 1871 J184 $100.00
Ignacio Trevino Nicholasa & Jesus Trevino UD 15 May 1883 15 Aug 1883 F361 $100.00
Nicholasa Trevino de Buitron, et al Jose Manuel Guerra y Garcia UD 27 Jul 1895 26 Aug 1895 P19 $105 Mex
Manuel Guerra y Garcia & Wife J.M. Clos UD 20 Nov 1896 23 Nov 1896 P515 $2000 Mex
J.M. Clos Missionary Oblate Fathers UD 07 Oct 1903 09 Oct 1903 V77 $10.00
Oblate Fathers Epifanio Guerra UD 23 Apr 1914 11 Feb 1926 V53, Pg 242-243  
Anastacia Guerra y Gonzalez Manuel Guerra y Gonzalez UD 03 Feb 1927 23 Feb 1927 V58, Pg 97-99 $10.00
      Incorporation of Roma, TX 1936      
Josefa Guerra Y Gonzalez Manuel Guerra UD 09 Oct 1940 23 Sept 1943 V124 Pgs 510-11 $10.00
Daniel Guerra y Gonzalez Manuel Guerra y Gonzalez UD 24 Feb 1951 27 Feb 1951 V165, Pgs 215-216 $10.00
Manuel Guerra y Gonzalez Juliana Guerra de Moreno UD 05 Aug 1952 03 Sept 1952 V178, Pgs 400-402 $10.00

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